Imagine a place that breaks city limits, that brings people outdoors to eat, shop and explore, where music bounces off walls and fills the street. A place where children can find adventure and imagination can blossom. A place where careers are vast, and nature is breathtaking.

There’s something special happening in Decatur. Residents are investing in a future that fosters a community wide sense of pride, togetherness and enthusiastic spirit for getting things done. It’s no secret that we know what it means to “roll up your sleeves and get to work.” A strong Midwest work ethic and well-trained workforce are the foundation as we grow products that feed and fuel the world. Top notch advanced training and continuing education facilities enhance job opportunities and career development in Decatur.

We play hard, too. With over 2,000 acres of parks and recreational facilities, we enjoy playing outside, boating on Lake Decatur and listening to great live music. Decatur offers plenty of opportunities for a good time. Our incredibly affordable lifestyle boasts a cost of living almost 20% below the national average, leaving room in the budget to enjoy our amenities. Homes in Decatur are affordable as well. In fact, a $1 million home in Chicago would cost around $300,000 in Decatur. HomeArea.com ranked Decatur the No. 1 city in Illinois with the Most Affordable Homes. Additionally, residents enjoy high-quality educational and health-care institutions and Decatur was recently named one of the Best Places to live and one of the safest cities in Illinois.

You’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy life without limits here in Decatur and Macon County.