Imagine a place that breaks city limits, that brings people outdoors to eat, shop and explore, where music bounces off walls and fills the street. A place where children can find adventure and imagination can blossom. A place where careers are vast and nature is breathtaking.

Decatur, Illinois traces its roots to the 1820s when a small town, beautifully placed in the midst of some of the world’s most fertile, lush, and profitable farmland incorporated itself. We took on a namesake of a famous naval Commodore, Stephen Decatur, whose name is synonymous with acts of heroism and exceptional performance. Our history has been led by entrepreneurs who engineered corn and beans into products unimaginable, built roads and buildings, dug lakes, and molded the largest downstate hub of activity in the state of Illinois.

Through the years and decades that separate us from the early days on the prairie, there has been unmistakable growth, development, opportunity, as well as change, opposition, upset and defeat. But it’s those moments, including both the ups and the downs, that have defined Decatur – that have made us a community of hard workers, believers, and people who come together for the causes and efforts we believe in.

A success story in the making every single day. We are thinking big, taking risks, and inspiring change. We are Decatur & Macon County and we are Limitless.