Howard G. Buffett

  “My dad was always a huge influence on me. He always used to tell us that it doesn’t matter […]

Tanya Andricks

  “I don’t think everybody completely understands what we’re doing on the Campus. I think in general most people when […]

Jason Doyle

  “Over the last 21 years of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to live all over the […]

Drew Early

  “Push yourself out of your comfort zone. People are creatures of habit and will do what is easy and […]

Zach Keck

“All I ever wanted to do was play college baseball. My senior year of high school I blew out my […]

Seth Black

  “My most memorable lesson would have come around the age of 12. My father had a customer enter his […]

Michael Hicks

  “My first mentors were my parents. It’s hard to draw the line between them because they worked together so […]

Courtney Carson

  “The High school football fight in 1999 at Eisenhower High school is my most memorable lesson. It illuminated the […]

Natalie Beck

  “Don’t hesitate when you should act. In 2007, I was blessed with the opportunity to donate a kidney to […]

Randy West

  “Community has always been important to me. The people that you learn, work and live with make up the […]

Chris Cuddy

  “My first mentor was my father. Our family was in the turkey breeding, growing and processing business where I […]

Nicole Bateman

  “I carried out a project once that produced an outcome I didn’t intend for it to have. What I […]