Angela Foulke

  “I am proactive rather than reactive. If you want to make a positive impact you need to get out […]

Debbie Bogle

  “A near death experience taught me to live life to the fullest and enjoy every single day. Live every […]

Zach Shields

  “I enjoy people. Humans (like horses) are herd animals. It’s vital to know and feel that we are not […]

Kevin Breheny

  “Don’t be shy. Be visible and be willing to work toward whatever passion that you have in your heart. […]

Mike Wilcott

  “When I was about 10 years old, my Dad had let me use my BB gun unsupervised for the […]

Clay Gerhard

  “When I think of community, I instantly think of our Decatur Community. When I think of all the events […]

Karla Miller

  “Don’t let grand gestures of giving money and time intimidate you or make you think you have to do […]

Amber Kaylor

  “My Mother was and is the person I aspire to be like. She is the kindest person I know […]

Justin Hampton

  “I see young men and women every day living life without a certain catalog of knowledge. And I’m not […]

Ashley Grayned

“I remember being in Brownsville, TN visiting family and my mother and I were at the store and she ran […]

Tyler Ross

  “When I was going off to college, my mom gave me these boxes of childhood stuff with time capsule […]

Marissa Dunkirk

“I do a lot of art. I was discouraged from it as a kid because I was told I wasn’t […]