Trey Verkuilen

“This Christmas I’m looking forward to being around family. My sister is studying aboard right now in Spain and has […]

Lataghia Harper

“I find myself more upbeat than others. I tend to find a different outlook on things. It could be storming […]

Mary Margaret Robinson

“My husband is fifteen years older than I am. I didn’t know how old he was until we went to […]

Winnie Brewer

“I saw 9/11 happen on TV as I was getting ready to go to work. My husband was playing bluegrass […]

Luis Peralta

“I grew up in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. I miss the food and the people. […]

Kate Stankovic aka Wildkat

“They say your name should sort of embody a personality of someone you might want to be, or some thing, […]

Maggie Potempa

“I’m formally a corporate Chicago-type and worked for a very large corporation, working behind the desk on a headset internationally […]

Brittany Morgan

“There was a lady who did it for years but she moved. They needed someone out there, so I’ve been […]

John Ellis

“My one goal was that she would be surprised. She knew it was coming eventually but I wanted to surprise her […]