Manufacturing Week in Macon Co.

Happy Manufacturing Week, Macon County!

The celebration of USA Manufacturing occurs every October with events throughout the month. The celebration helps illustrate the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors for folks to see the importance of manufacturing firsthand.

An estimated 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the United States over the next decade. Events like Manufacturing Week are coordinated in hopes that the next generation of manufacturers will become inspired for careers in manufacturing, along with those who are currently looking for an amazing career.

This page will be your source for information as we celebrate manufacturing week right here in Macon County. Below you will find videos, events schedule, information on manufacturing careers, fun facts and other resources.

Have fun and enjoy learning more about a huge part of Macon County’s past, present and future!

Launch Video


Live Events Schedule

Be sure to join in on the fun during our Facebook Live events. Each day during the week of October 19th, we will be going live on the Limitless Decatur Facebook page. The schedule is listed below. For those unable to attend or those with no access to Facebook, check back here often and we will have a YouTube link available of the live recording as soon as possible.

Monday, October 19th | 10 AM CT | Watch the Live Video Here
Facebook Live with Decatur Industrial Electric

Tuesday, October 20th | 2 PM CT | Watch the Live Video Here
Facebook Live with O’Shea Builders

Wednesday, October 21st | 10 AM CT | Watch the Live Video Here
Facebook Live with voestalpine Nortrak

Thursday, October 22nd | 10 AM CT | Watch the Live Video Here
Facebook Live with Workforce Investment Solutions

Thursday, October 22nd | 2 PM CT | Watch the Live Video Here
Facebook Live with Mason Manufacturing

Friday, October 23rd | 11 AM CT
Facebook Live with Richland Community College | Watch the Live Video Here

Friday, October 23rd | 2 PM CT
Facebook Live with Mueller Co. | Watch the Live Video Here

Training and Careers in Manufacturing

Interested in exploring careers in manufacturing? You’re in luck! Macon County has 103 manufacturer employers and employ more than 10,500 people.

If you’re new to the field and are interested in getting some training first, Richland Community College (RCC) can help you get started. Their Workforce Development division provides the training and resources needed to stimulate economic development and individual fulfillment. This helps train individuals to step into the workforce or enhance their current skill sets by providing a wide-range of courses for adults, teens, children and seniors to build on interests or new skills. For more information on the Workforce Development division at RCC, click here.  Unsure of what type of training would best suit you and your interests? Career Coach can help you decide. Take the career assessment now.

If you are already trained and ready to go find that next career, check out the Limitless Decatur Careers page. The list is compiled of the most recent job postings within the last 30 days. Happy hunting!

Additionally, Workforce Investment Solutions may also provide available job listings, resources and training opportunities locally. Learn more here.

Fun Facts

Did you know? Well, now you do! Click on each of the graphics below to enlarge.





Fun Fact #1 – The average manufacturing job in Decatur pays $83,774. Manufacturing job salaries pay more than 60% than the average job in Macon County.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics/QCEW Data

Fun Fact #2 – The 797F Caterpillar Mining Truck weighs 1.375 million pounds. This is more than five full grown blue whales.

Fun Fact #3 – A career in manufacturing is job security. In 2018, manufacturing had a turnover rate of only five jobs for every 100 people employed in the sector.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau and Center for Economic Studies Data

Fun Fact #4 – Decatur processes over 400 million bushels of corn and soy per year. This is enough to fill the largest football stadium in America over five times.

Source: ADM Transportation

Fun Fact #5 – Of all jobs in Macon County, 1 in 5 are in manufacturing.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

Want more? Check out some national stats here.

Additional Resources

Want more? We don’t blame you. Check out all these great resources for even more information on manufacturing.

Official MFG Day website – Learn where and how the manufacturing celebration began.
Illinois Manufacturers’ Association – Yes, manufacturing is so BIG it has its own association!
Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center – Helps manufacturing companies with improvements in all areas of the company’s organization.
Union Iron Video – Since 1852, Union Iron has been manufacturing and supporting the Decatur, Illinois economy.
Mason Manufacturing Video – Learn more about Mason Manufacturing, their culture, products, and why they enjoy living and working in Decatur, Illinois.
T/CCI Manufacturing Video – Take a look to see what all is compressed at T/CCI. Hint: It’s a lot.
Decatur Industrial Electric Video – Watch as Decatur Industrial Electric tells us how they keep industries running.
voestalpine Nortrak Video – Listen as we celebrate another great manufacturing company located in Decatur, voestalpine Nortrak.

Local Manufacturers YouTube Channel Links:
Align Production Systems
Caterpillar, Inc.
Decatur Industrial Electric
Mueller Co
O’Shea Builders
Tate & Lyle
T/CCI Manufacturing
voestalpine Nortrak