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Ask anyone on the street “What brought you to town?” and the answers could quite literally be endless. The benefits list for working here (other than a paycheck of course!) is long and limitless.

  • Elite quality links including a Raymond Floyd signature golf course
  • Indoor and outdoor sports complexes featuring professional level facilities
  • Growing outdoor adventure park complex with water park, mini golf, batting cages and more
  • Lakeshore Landing entertainment area with amphitheater, outdoor fitness, pavilion, and live music
  • Lake Decatur, the state’s largest artificial body of water, with 30 miles of shoreline and 2,800 acres for boating, fishing, swimming, sailing, and dining
  • A vibrant arts & culture life with award-winning galleries and museums, abundant live music venues, Broadway-quality entertainment and live theater troupes

Whether you want to live to work or work to live, you’ll find our cities limitless.