Be an America in Bloom Volunteer!

Beautify Decatur is expanding their efforts to positively impact our community. They have entered Decatur in the national America in Bloom (AIB) contest.

What is America in Bloom?

In short, it’s a community improvement program that creates:

  • an opportunity for communities to build their image
  • a nationwide program that brings a community together to beautify inside and out
  • an opportunity to make a community more appealing through community involvement
  • a unique and informative creative process to highlight our community and improve overall involvement in beautification efforts

America in Bloom Committee – A Community-Wide Effort for Beautification

The committee’s goal: Make necessary preparations for the judges’ visit. (Green thumbs are optional!) The visit will highlight what we do well, and we’ll identify further improvements through increased collaboration and resources. To get us there, we need you!

The Commitment

We ask that you attend monthly meetings starting in September.

Volunteer Projects

Volunteers are needed for the following projects:

  • Participating in planting and clean-up projects
  • Assisting with implementing strategies to increase “bloom” factor – more flowers in public/private properties.
  • Helping plan community tour and dinner events
  • Creating marketing materials
  • Spreading the word about the AIB effort by speaking to churches, civic groups, schools, etc.
  • Expanding Bee-utify Decatur Contest specifically to improve corridor appearances by increasing number of participants and number of available prizes.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the committee or for more information, please contact Ellen Hearn at 217.454.8432 or by email at