City Limitless Symbol

You may be wondering about the city limitless symbol that is present in some of the new branding materials and video. This symbol was created to be a minimal representation of the iconic transfer house that is highly recognizable and beloved by our community. We wanted to take something from our rich history and present it in a fresh and modern way. We borrowed shapes from the Transfer House’s architecture; two consecutive octagons taken from the stacked roofs, the 8 window arches, and the 16 lines from the vertical window frames. By tipping the windows in we get a shape that is reminiscent of a faceted diamond. This is symbolic of our unbreakable strength and serves as a playful reminder that Decatur is truly a ‘gem’ of a city. Flipping the vantage point and viewing the Transfer House from above speaks to the whole spirit of the campaign. We are challenging our residents to see beyond the town they think the know and look at Decatur from a fresh new angle.