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Thank you for your interest in guest posting on Limitless Decatur!

We are always interested in receiving positive and unique posts which will engage the community and contribute to a better perception of Decatur & Macon County.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please note the following guidelines:

  • Please limit your post to 1,000 words or less.
  • Please supply a photo that represents your blog topic (if possible).
  • In keeping with the spirit of Limitless Decatur, guest posts should be positive, be about something in Decatur & Macon County, and be relevant to the Limitless Decatur message.
  • Preference will be given to those who demonstrate a genuine interest in the community and the Limitless Decatur movement. Submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” type feel will not be accepted. However, links directing someone to a community event would be allowed.
  • Please make a concerted effort to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Submissions which require excessive editing cannot be accepted.

These guidelines are not intended to stifle your creativity, but to streamline the guest blogger process and allow us to bring unique, relevant and positive stories to our community and beyond.

If you submit a request to be a guest blogger, we will review it and contact you if interested in pursuing the next step.

Guest Blogger Application

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Maximum file size: 268.44MB


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