Inside Limitless: LOFT 125


Decatur IS a city with limitless ideas and the people to put their heads together to make it happen! The people have spoken up for casual alternative entertainment to local bars. Focus groups of all ages brainstormed a need for fun, interactive options as well as an inexpensive, relaxing music venue. And, voila! LOFT 125 is born! A new wave of social things to do!

What’s LOFT 125? It’s a whole new concept for a laid-back entertainment venue offering ages 21+ an affordable alternative for an awesome evening with friends! LOFT 125 will present four unique events during the 2015-16 season, including interactive as well as sit-back-and-chill events. That means entertainment ranging from games to music. With a mere $10 ticket and money-saving BYOB, it’s designed to be affordable for everyone. And, it all takes place at LOFT 125 – Madden Arts Center’s third floor transformed for the moment with casual lounge-style group seating and other comfy seats. The address? 125 N. Water St. in downtown Decatur.

LOFT 125’s premiere event is coming this weekend! If you enjoy “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” you won’t want to miss IMPROV: Games & Stuff on Friday, November 13 from 7:30-9:30 pm. Led by Jayson Albright & The Kablooey Group, it will be a zany evening of unpredictable and interactive improv games – no skill and no experience necessary! In fact, just a willingness to play along, toss in your ideas and laugh, makes you a prime candidate for a having a blast. Besides, it’s on Friday the 13th – how improv is that?! No worries, though. The games are designed to put you at ease, let you interact from your seat, put The Kablooey Group on the spot or get up on stage yourself, if you’re “game.” Bring your energy (and a crazy prop, if you want). Additional props, photo boards and stuff will be available for your entertainment pleasure. Even the food bar, created by TapRoot Restaurant and available for purchase, will be “improv-inspired.” Popcorn is complimentary but, remember, BYOB because no beverages (alcoholic or non) are provided.

Get your tickets for IMPROV: Games & Stuff at or by calling 217-423-3189. Advanced ticket purchases are encouraged but tickets will be available at the door.

– Sue Powell, Decatur Area Arts Council