Inside Limitless: Our Travel Hub

We moved to St. Louis in 2004 due to our jobs being relocated but kept our home in Decatur because we knew we wanted to eventually move back. Luckily, our plans worked out and we were able to retire in 2012 and move back home to be closer to family and friends. It’s great to once again be home and close to our children and grandchildren!

As much as we love being home with family, we also love to travel. We traveled a lot before retirement but now it’s one of our primary passions. Surprisingly, for us, Decatur has turned out to be a great travelers’ hub.

Decatur is within three hours or less to major airports in Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis, allowing us to shop for the best value between the three. We are also close to great regional airports in Springfield, Bloomington and Peoria, not to mention the bargains we can get flying Air Choice One out of Decatur. All these choices for flying make Decatur ideal for air travel.

Decatur is also a great location for driving throughout the United States. Many prime areas of our country are within a day or two of driving including: Florida, Washington D.C., Arizona and so many more. You can even drive to Montreal in less than two days and spend your evening dining in the old city and eating authentic French Canadian french foods, like french fries with mayonnaise. How cool is that?!

Train travel is also an easy drive from Decatur. You can board an Amtrak train to Chicago or St. Louis, and points beyond, after a short drive to Springfield, Lincoln or Bloomington. Also within an hour’s drive is Mattoon where you can catch The City Of New Orleans. We have a Bucket List item where we take this train on an overnight trip to New Orleans. We can’t wait!

Returning to Decatur has turned out to be a great choice for us. Not only have we reconnected with family and friends but we’ve also found that Decatur is an ideal hub for our travels throughout the United States and beyond. Hopefully, we’ll see you around Decatur or maybe at a restaurant in Montreal’s old city!

Happy travels!

Marvin Sowers – Retirees on the Go, and City Limitless Ambassador