Decatur’s Rental Market

Decatur, Illinois is the ideal location for the next apartment living development project. See the data and information below on why your next development project should be located here.

Rental Market Data

  • Current Total Rental Market at $94-158 Million (13,353 Occupied Units)
  • Current Rental Market for Units Over a Monthly Rent of $1,000 is $32.6-46 Million (2,245 Occupied Units)
  • There are 20,437 households in Macon County who could afford a monthly rent of over $1,000, with an average of $1,887/month.
  • There is an estimated potential housing market of $463 Million for households making over $60,000/year.
  • Of the 13,353 occupied rentals in Macon County, 92% of them were built more than 40 years ago. 42% of them were built more than 80 years ago.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

Zoning Information

Click here to access the GIS Map. Zoning layers and legends can be found on the tool menu.

Additionally, click here to access the City of Decatur Zoning Ordinance Guide.

Quality of Life

You’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy life without limits here in Decatur and Macon County.  Experience dining, shopping, entertainment, arts & culture and more by exploring the Limitless Decatur website here.

Top Employers

The region is home to a diverse set of major industries and broad-based network of ancillary and supporting businesses. Below are our top major employers in the area: manufacturing, service, support, transportation, office, and professional industries.

4,000 Archer Daniels Midland
3,150 Caterpillar
1,903 Decatur Memorial Hospital
1,752 Decatur Public Schools
930 HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital
600 Millikin University
575 The Kelly Group
600 Primient
630 Ameren Illinois
380 Norfolk Southern
585 Mueller
400 Bodine Electric
300 A-Lert Construction Services
250 McLeod Express
175 Fuyao Glass
150 TCR Systems
125 T/CCI Manufacturing
80 Parke Warehouses